September/October 1998

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Selected articles from the September/October 1998 issue available online:

Increasing stamping press productivity in the appliance industry: Advances in press technology and materials leave their mark

February 19, 2001


An appliance plant with 80 to 100 presses in opeation is likely to buy new presses regularly. Under these circumstances, it makes good sense to pursue aggressive productivity goals inch by inch through steady advances in such prosaic concerns as machiner ergonomics, prventive maintenance, tooling efficiency, and material quality.

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Choosing a lubricant for deep drawing

February 19, 2001

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One of the most common metalworking methods is drawing, which involves forming flat sheet metal into "cup-shaped" parts. If the depth of the formed cup is equal to or greater than the radius of the cup, the process is called deep drawing.Deep drawing involves placing a sheet metal blank over a...

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