September/October 2012

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Selected articles from the September/October 2012 issue available online:

How to optimize die-set guiding -

How to optimize die-set guiding

September 7, 2012


Ball-bearing die-set guide components are a critical part of the stamping operation. Properly selected, lubricated, and positioned, they improve tool operation and promote longer component life. If they aren’t properly maintained, excessive press downtime may result.

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Quick die change, quicker lubricant changeout -

Quick die change, quicker lubricant changeout

September 3, 2012


When developing a lubrication strategy for QDC, companies should never consider a component in isolation. Instead, shops should ensure that various elements--including lubricant dilution, nozzle placement, quick-change devices, and intelligent process control--work in concert to prevent errors and shorten press setups.

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Matter Control -

Developing a servo press knowledge base

August 31, 2012


Since Qualtek Manufacturing invested in its servo presses several years ago, it has been gradually building up a working knowledge base--specific stroke recipes, tooling tweaks, and other information--that has turned out to be valuable intellectual property.

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