March/April 2014

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Selected articles from the March/April 2014 issue available online:

5 FAQs about keeping conveyors running smoothly

March 10, 2014


A conveyor system only works as well as its weakest link. What are those weak links, and how do you recognize their signs of wear? What are the most critical components for optimal operations? How do you maintain the equipment and when do you know when to call in the calvary? This article answers those questions.

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Stamper draws deeply on diversification, technology, community to grow

March 5, 2014


Established and growing Jagemann Stamping Co. recently expanded its facility in the charming Great Lakes coastal town of Manitowoc, Wis., to facilitate its continuous growth. The multicapable manufacturer of deep-drawn, progressive stamped, and fineblanked components drew on its ability to diversify to grow and prosper, reaching $80 million in annual sales and expanding by 50,000 sq. ft. and 130 employees last year.

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Optimal tooling approaches for punching AHSS

March 3, 2014


The tried-and-true approaches that worked well to stamp first-generation steels are not as effective for stamping advanced high-strength steels (AHSS). Tests were conducted to determine optimal punch-to-die clearances, shear angles, and punch angles. Test results indicated that 12 to 15 percent punch-to-die clearances and -15- to +15-degree shear angles provided the longest punch and die life, and a 7-degree conical shear angle created the smallest burr growth.

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