July / August 2014

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Selected articles from the July / August 2014 issue available online:

Ask the Stamping Expert: Increasing progressive-stamping tooling life with the right lubricant

April 15, 2015


I get a lot of questions regarding how to maximize the life of progressive-stamping tooling, but no one response fits all. We talk a lot about tooling materials, heat treatment, and coatings. But time and again, stamping lubrication is treated as relatively insignificant. Stampers put little...

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Refurbishing servo-drive triaxis transfer systems cost-effectively

July 28, 2014


Upgrade transfer systems’ controls, drives, and bearings without complete replacement with a refurbishment. An appliance-maker had new rail connections, new wireless electrical connection methods for part tracking, electronic torque monitoring, and new kinetics drives installed as part of its press modernization program at 75 percent of the cost of new transfers.

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Coating extends tool life x 3

July 7, 2014


Like so many automotive suppliers, the GT Technologies stamping team encountered tooling challenges when it shifted its work material from cold-rolled steel to a tougher steel for certain components. Its tooling started wearing out in a third of the time, creating downtime havoc and production disruption. Switching to a different tool coating helped the manufacturer resolve its tool and die wear problems.

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Selecting a hydraulic hot-stamping press

June 27, 2014

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What makes a hydraulic press equipped for hot stamping? Access for auxiliaries and process equipment, a rapid deceleration rate, correct tonnage, and off-center load handling are all considerations.

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