The Tube & Pipe Journal®

December 2010

TPJ - The Tube & Pipe Journal® became the first magazine dedicated to serving the metal tube and pipe industry in 1990. Today, it remains the only North American publication devoted to this industry and it has become the most trusted source of information for tube and pipe professionals. Subscriptions are free to qualified tube and pipe professionals in North America.

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Selected articles from the December 2010 issue available online:

Changing the point of attack -

Changing the point of attack

December 8, 2010


For inline cutoff, tube and pipe producers typically use a mechanically driven, single-blade device. This type of cutoff unit is good for most applications, but in many specialized cases, it might not produce good results. Square or rectangular tubes, heavy walls, and lockseam tubing present cutoff challenges that call for a hydraulic unit or a swing blade.

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Snow mean feat -

Snow mean feat

December 2, 2010


Snowshoes have been used for thousands of years, but only recently have modern manufactured materials come into the picture. These days lengths of bent and welded tube, usually aluminum, make up the frame. Although the market is crowded, Jake Thamm and Tamara Laug thought they could build a better snowshoe and founded a new company in 1997.

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