The Tube & Pipe Journal®

October/November 2001

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Selected articles from the October/November 2001 issue available online:

Ultrasonic instrument figure 1

Using NDT systems to monitor welded tube production

November 15, 2001


This article discusses the capabilities and limitations of the two most common online tube monitoring test methods, eddy current and ultrasonic. It discusses the types of flaws that each is capable of detecting, and shows photographs of three typical flaws: One that was detected by ultrasonic, one by eddy current, and one by both. It concludes by showing that both methods should be used to provide the most comprehensive testing of welded tube.

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Increasing tube mill welding speed: Examining technology for tube producers

October 25, 2001


This article reviews processes that were technological advances in tube welding years ago but still have a bearing on how tube producers do their jobs today.

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