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September 2012

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Selected articles from the September 2012 issue available online:

Tips for buying a second-hand bending machine -

Tips for buying a second-hand bending machine

September 10, 2012

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The second-hand market can be a good source for a used bender, but buyers must be careful. A thorough evaluation of the bender’s capabilities and condition is necessary before making a purchase. Because modern benders are complex and sophisticated, the evaluation is best carried out by the manufacturer, not the buyer. Another option is buying a reconditioned machine from the manufacturer. However, depending on the bending needs, a new bender might be the only viable option.

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Taking NDT as far as it can go -

Taking NDT to the end of tube, pipe

September 10, 2012

NDT systems are limited in how close to the end of a tube or pipe they can test successfully. They rely on electromagnetic or ultrasonic waves to flow through the tube or pipe, and the end represents an abrupt change in the wall’s characteristics, making the test results difficult to interpret near the pipe or tube end. A new system overcomes the conventional obstacles by aiming clockwise, counterclockwise, and transverse transducers at a single point of entry. A timed delay based on the 1-kHz transmit frequency prevents the signals from interfering with each other, enabling the receiver to interpret the results accurately.

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How do welding emissions fit into your emissions inventory? -

How do welding emissions fit into your emissions inventory?

September 7, 2012

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Most EPA inspectors used to pay scant attention to welding fumes; these days they warrant much more attention. Regrettably the EPA relies on AP-42, a document that is thorough in some areas but not too detailed in welding processes. This means an overly zealous inspector might rate your facility as emitting more than it really does, forcing you to implement expensive and unnecessary controls

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The ins and outs of recutting tube -

The ins and outs of recutting tube

September 3, 2012


A bit about cutting tube and pipe from an interview with Bruce Benedict and Dave Clarke of Production Tube Cutting.

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Tube producer beats the heat with portable cooling units -

Tube producer beats the heat with portable cooling units

September 3, 2012

Many industrial processes generate quite a bit of heat, so keeping workers cool is a top priority. Wheatland Tube Co., Wheatland, Pa., added portable cooling units to lower the temperatures in its galvanizing and cutting areas. This initiative increased the time workers spend in these areas and eliminated heat-related incidents.

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