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October/November 2012

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Selected articles from the October/November 2012 issue available online:

Stationary parts don't make money -

Stationary parts don't make money

November 9, 2012


Seeing bins of parts lying around in your shop? Maybe it’s time to get away from the large-batch method and try one-piece flow. Rather than make a large quantity of Component 1, then Component 2, then Component 3, while a welder downstream waits for Component 3, you could set up a system of one-piece flow that sends a kit of three components. The key to implement this strategy is the bender software.

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Fabricator rides new wave of interest in hydroforming -

Fabricator rides new wave of interest in hydroforming

October 8, 2012


Founded in 2003, American Hydoformers Inc. arrived on the scene a little too late to catch the first big wave of interest in hydroforming. A few automobile manufacturers had been oversold on the technology and were cautious to continue to convert parts to hydroforming, but AHI didn’t stumble and fall. Wise investments in equipment gave the company a unique and thriving position in the industry.

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