Selected articles from the August 2013 issue available online:

MFG Day Event Superior Joining Technology

Manufacturing takes center stage

August 28, 2013


Actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to changing the public perception. Thanks to Manufacturing Day, more and more people are becoming more positive about manufacturing and manufacturing careers.

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Ed Barr

Interview with Ed Barr, author of Professional Sheet Metal Fabrication

August 19, 2013


What prompted educator Ed Barr to write a book about sheet metal fabrication? Find the answer and more about the book in this Q&A.

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Process Pipe Welding

Process pipe welding: Filler metal options to improve productivity and quality

August 6, 2013

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When welding process pipe, welders need to determine which wires can provide the most appropriate results for every weld pass—root, fill, and cap—and be certain that they are selecting the highest-quality filler metal.

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Arc Welder

The welder’s helper

August 5, 2013


Not everyone involved in welding wields a torch. Welders’ helpers play integral parts in welding projects and sometimes command a higher salary than the welder.

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