Lantek: Stalk Your Productivity 5-29-12

Date: May 29, 2012

Length: 60:00

Lantek demonstrates how you can: Sell It, Make It, Ship It - even Stalk It, in a single application. Join Lantek for this free webcast and learn how you can:

  • Quote
  • Track Orders
  • Monitor Work in Progress
  • Nest
  • Program Machines
  • View Inventory
  • Know Part Costs
  • Track Delivery

And so much more. Best of all, you can use Lantek from your office, shop floor, smart phone and tablet. Can you deliver on time? Can you take a large order today? What will your capacity be next week? What does it take to answer these questions? If you need to know what a part costs, the status of inventories and orders, or if you ever need to quote jobs or review changes while out of the shop.

Presented by Lantek Systems Inc.

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