Mechanical Servo Press vs Mechanical Link Motion Press - Which press is right for you?

Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Length: 40:00

Presented by Stamtec

Stamtec now offers both Direct Drive and Link-Assisted Drive Systems on our diverse line of flexible, high-performance Servo Presses. BUT, have you ever considered a linkmotion, NON-SERVO press? Join our webinar to learn what each type of press has to offer, and let us help you determine which press is right for you.

Stamtec's Servo presses employ Siemens servo motors which replace the standard motor, flywheel, and clutch / brake in an otherwise traditional crankshaft or link motion mechanical press.

Stamtec's non-servo Link motion press employs Link Motion Drive technology, which decreases slide velocity by up to 40% during the working portion of the stroke, so the material flows more effectively, while the slide velocity increases by an offsetting amount during the non-working portion of the stroke to maintain high production rates.

Presented by Stamtec, Inc.

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