Taking the First Steps into Robotic Metal Fabrication and Welding 9-26-12

Date: September 26, 2012

Length: 60:00

Presented by ABB Inc. (9-26-12)

It's been on your mind for a few years, and now market pressures are telling you it's time to automate. But your company has little or no experience in this field of technology. Where do you start? How do you go about it? This webinar walks you through the proper steps to introducing robotic automation into your metal fabrication and/or welding operation. We will explore how to tackle what seems to be an elephant size challenge and break it down into common sense, sequential action steps. The common, yet all too outdated assumption is that robotics is only for larger, high volume companies. Not so any more.

Join Mark Oxlade, arc welding manager at ABB Robotics, and a small team of robotic welding experts, as we cover sensors, modular systems and proven solutions that make low batch, high product diversity metal fabrication an easy and highly beneficial reality for your operation. A live Q & A session follows the presentation.

Presented by ABB Inc.

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