Bob Hollingsworth

Contributing Writer

He is a member of the Practical Welding Today editorial advisory board. He taught welding, safety, and health at Western Washington University, Bellingham, Wash., and traveled with the 2006 WWU Mini Baja team as faculty adviser.
Vicking 41 mini baja

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Let 'er rip

July 10, 2007 | By Bob Hollingsworth

Bob Hollingsworth, a member of Practical Welding Today's advisory board, details the journey of the 2006 Western Washington University Mini Baja vehicle fabrication team and their quest to build a winning off-road, student-designed racing machine.

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Innovation rides the waves

July 11, 2006 | By Bob Hollingsworth

As aluminum becomes more and more readily available for various manufacturing applications, the boat-building industry is taking notice. To build its patented vessel design, Aluminum Chambered Boats has found that arc welding - both GMAW and GTAW - is a critical technology.

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Washington women weld at the 'Y'

August 28, 2003 | By Bob Hollingsworth

It's a drizzly, blustery Pacific Northwest morning in November with the gray light of dawn coming up behind the Cascade Mountain Range.Crew Leader Cheryl Boxx, clad in Carhartts®, squares her hard hat in place and begins checking scaffolds, rigging, welding equipment, and her teammates'...

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Reviving the past

May 15, 2003 | By Bob Hollingsworth

When he looked at the outside of his building, Bellingham, Wash., YMCA Director Dave Harding realized he faced a challenge.The original Bellingham, Wash., YMCA building.The YMCA's main downtown facility was located in an early-1900s, four-story building. In recent years the interior had been...

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