2017 Product Showcase

Laser cutting, punching, welding, finishing, torches, press brakes — whatever you're looking for, you'll find the latest products and services in the Product Showcase. The Product Showcase is a great way to announce a new product or service, feature specially priced items, or simply get your name and products out to a large, dedicated audience.

ByStar Fiber 10kW – The Ultimate Differentiator

The Bystronic high performance ByStar Fiber has been designed from the ground up to meet the demands from high-speed fiber laser cutting as well as cutting capabilities into the thick plate range. With its uncompromising high-end performance, the ByStar Fiber is aimed at users who want to rely fully on fiber laser technology. Users who will in future cut their entire range of orders using the fiber laser: from stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel, to non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass.

With its triangle cutting bridge design providing exceptional rigidity and accuracy, the ByStar Fiber is able to deliver dynamic speeds and acceleration while utilizing X/Y linear drive technology. Proprietary Fiber cutting head with auto-focus position and focal length adjustment is designed specifically for Fiber laser cutting. ‘Power Cut’ extends thick plate cutting capabilities to 1.180-in.thick with consistently high cutting quality.

The new ByStar Fiber platform will enable Bystronic to meet the demands from higher fiber laser powers well into the future, and with the lowest possible operating costs and low maintenance requirements. Learn more.

Large Sheet Processing with New Phoenix Fiber Lasers

Process thin or thick ferrous and non-ferrous materials quickly and efficiently with the Phoenix fiber laser machine. Two new models, Phoenix FL 4020 and Phoenix FL 6020, handle sheet dimensions of 160” x 80” and 240” x 80”. Available in 3, 4 and 6 kW versions, these Phoenix models offer high versatility to tackle a range of jobs.

An advanced cutting head design ensures superior cut quality through automated adjustment of focus position and focus diameter. To achieve the highest possible speed in every material thickness, focus position and diameter are automatically controlled and adjusted by the CNC controller. This advanced technology makes Phoenix one of the most flexible fiber lasers available – able to cut different sheet thicknesses with high productivity and excellent cut quality. Phoenix machines keep uptime high with an integrated automatic shuttle table system that allows one table to be loaded while the machine is cutting on the other table.

Visit our web site: www.lvdgroup.com

Remove spent garnet abrasive easily with BART – The Barton Abrasive Removal Tool

The Barton Abrasive Removal Tool, known by the tradename BART®, has revolutionized the way waterjet operators remove spent abrasive from their waterjet holding tank. First introduced in 2009, BART® is an easy to use, inexpensive and totally portable garnet abrasive removal system. Since then, hundreds of waterjet operators have used this remarkably convenient, efficient, versatile, cost-effective piece of equipment.

The BART® Wand is designed to fit between the slats and can pump garnet while the waterjet continues to cut parts on the table. A 2.5-3.0 gpm, 2500-3000 psi pressure washer is required to pull the garnet up the Wand and discharge it into a collection device. The water is returned to the table free of abrasive without interrupting the cutting operation.

BART® achieves removal rates of greater than 3,000 lbs. per hour.

Watch our demo video at www.barton.com/BART

CS Unitec's Total Finishing Solutions

Create or match linear finishes including #3, #4 appliance, #6 satin and #8 reflective on flat, square or round surfaces with CS Unitec’s professional surface finishing tools. Three application-specific, 15 amp, 1710 watt high-torque motors with variable speed control make the tools ideal for grinding, blending and polishing ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The PTX Eco Smart linear grinding and polishing system removes welds, deep scratches, oxidation, rust and paint on flat surfaces, pipe constructions and inside corners.

The VARILEX® WSF 1800 rotary surface finishing and blending tool grinds, blends and polishes up to a mirror finish. Use with flap discs (4" to 7" dia.), as well as the FIX Hook and Loop polishing system.

For pipe and hand rails up to 14" diameter, the PIPE-MAX renders weld seams invisible and can produce linear finishes up to a mirror finish. Flat surfaces can be ground to remove spot welds and deep scratches, leaving no edges.

Visit our web site: www.csunitec.com/metal-surface-finishing

Comprehensive Solutions to Meet Industry Demands

With over 90 years of experience, AAF® has extensive expertise in the design and manufacturing of filtration equipment for the metalworking industry. Through careful assessment of your facility’s current system, our team of experienced filtration experts will work with you to select an efficient, safe, and cost effective dust collection solution to meet your specific needs. Knowing the volume and properties of the material being handled, processed, regulatory requirements, and space restraints are just some of the considerations in determining an appropriate solution.

No matter the type of metalworking process, we have a dust-control solution to ensure your facility runs safely and efficiently, while saving on total operating cost. In the Automotive and Aerospace industries, carbon fiber technology is rapidly replacing metalworking processes and AAF can provide an effective dust collection solution to meet your needs.

Visit our web site: www.aafintl.com

Fab Supply Inc proudly introduces its new line of precision ground and hardened Wila/Trumpf-style press brake tooling

Fab Supply Inc proudly introduces its new line of precision ground and hardened Wila/Trumpf-style press brake tooling. These profiles are produced to exacting standards and guaranteed to be perfectly interchangeable with existing Wila New Standard tools. With a selection of punches available in 120mm, 163mm and 200mm heights and dies in either 55mm or 100mm heights, we are sure to have the profile you require. We also can produce special configuration tools upon request.

Visit our website at www.fabsupplyinc.com to view our standard profile selections.

Greiner Industries

Greiner Industries Inc. is a job-shop Steel Fabricator specializing in heavy beams, columns, trusses and girders. We are AISC certified for Complex Steel Building Structures and Advanced Major Steel Bridges with Fracture-Critical and Sophisticated Coatings Endorsements.
We hold the ASME U-Stamp (Pressure Vessels) and S-Stamp (Power Boilers) as well as the National Board R-Stamp Certificate of Authorization for the repair and/or alteration of boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressure-retaining items. The company has evolved from a one-man welding shop to more than 250 people and a 200-acre complex with over 440,000 square feet of work area “under roof.” Our fabrication bays are 80 feet wide by 600 feet long with 140-ton maximum lifting capacity and 31 feet hook height of all overhead cranes. Greiner’s reputation is built on our initiative to stay in the forefront of modern technology in order to provide high quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.

Visit our web site: www.greinerindustries.com

HG 2204 ATC — Press Brake with Automatic Tool Changer

Amada engineered the HG 2204 ATC as an ideal solution for variable lot sizes and complex tool layouts. A patented Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) loads the most complex tool layout within a few minutes and allows operators of varied experience levels to efficiently utilize this bending system. The 13-ft. bed length on the HG 2204 facilitates multi-stage bending operations and integrated work followers help support bend lengths up to 161.4".

Other standard features on the HG 2204 ATC include an AMNC 3i touchscreen control, an integrated bend sensor that ensures consistent bend angles, and an energy-efficient servo/hydraulic drive system.

Visit our web site: www.amada.com/america

Handte “Oil Expert” Oil Mist Collector

High performance collector is built to operate “24/7” for greater productivity, reduced maintenance and long service life. Designed to handle ultrafine, hard-to-capture oil mists and fumes generated by machining processes, it offers separation efficiencies up to 99.97% on 0.3 micron and larger particles. Collector comes with a 12-year limited warranty.

Web Site: www.camfilapc.com

Heavy Duty Rollover makes part rotation safer and faster

Bluco is adding a heavy-duty option to its line of Modular Rollover Positioners. The manual rotation units are designed to replace the unsafe practice of flipping large parts by hand, or having to wait for a crane to reposition parts.

The bases can be bolted directly to a concrete floor or mounted on a Bluco rail system (shown) for infinite adjustments to length. Each base supports up to 10,000 lbs. and additional bases can be added to support longer parts.

The fixture plates have a clamshell design so the top section can be removed to allow for easy loading and unloading of parts. And the fixture plates can be customized as needed for different types of parts.

Modular tooling kits are available to fixture a range of part shapes and sizes. Contact a Bluco Application Engineer to discuss your project in more detail.

Web Site: www.bluco.com

Improve your operations with a Voortman plate cutting machine

The NEW Voortman V304 is engineered for the next step in precision plasma and oxy-fuel cutting solutions. Specially designed for processing plates with high definition plasma or oxy-fuel in a fast and efficient way without compromising quality.

All V304 precision plate processing machines come equipped with a Voortman Height Controller (VHC). The VHC developed in house is the fastest height control available in the market today, moving at a speed of 840ipm. In addition, the Voortman V304 Plate Cutting Machine can be configured with our advanced 5 axis 3D plasma bevel loaded with Voortman’s iCut Correction cutting technology.

Visit our web site: www.voortmansteelgroup.com

KMT introduces the World's Fastest Waterjet, the PRO-III 90,000psi Pumps

PRO-III topworks have patented metal-to-metal seal design & a patented SUPRAlife metal canister for protecting UHP seals with guaranteed seal life hours, improving uptime performance, increasing productivity & reducing abrasive costs.

The PRO-III 125hp/90,000psi pump runs a .016 orifice delivering products in half the time of 60,000psi/50hp waterjets.

The PRO-III 60hp offers faster cutting & significant savings in abrasive usage while increasing capacity compared to 60,000psi pumps. The PRO-III 125hp is available with dual cutting heads using .011 orifices, doubling productivity of the PRO-III 60hp.

Visit our web site: www.kmtwaterjet.com/worlds-fastest-waterjet-story.aspx

Koike Introduces new Low-Priced Positioner and Turning Roll Lines

ARCADE, NY -- Koike Aronson, a leading manufacturer of metal cutting and positioning equipment, announces the low-priced MD Positioner and MD Turning Roll lines. These new machines are engineered and manufactured completely in the U.S., and they give fabricators a high-quality option to cut-price imports.

The MD Positioner line features internally geared slew rings, variable speed AC drives, manual height adjusting bases, and thru-holes for purging.

The MD Turning Roll line features rubber tires, single-wheel drive or optional dual-wheel drive, and multiple constant centerline settings for various diameter ranges. Both lines offer options such as wireless pendants and foot controls (wired foot controls are standard) and programmable tachometers. All MD machines carry Koike’s standard 2-year warranty, and for a limited time they’re being offered with introductory sales incentives.

Koike Aronson, Inc./Ransome designs and manufactures one of the world’s broadest lines of welding positioners and cutting machines, as well as portable and gas apparatus equipment. Koike Aronson, Inc./Ransome, Arcade, NY, USA.

Visit our web site: www.koike.com

Mazak's Game Changing Direct Diode Laser Technology

Mazak's Game Changing Direct Diode Laser Technology The OPTIPLEX 3015 DDL is the first of its kind. This is an exclusive platform that delivers higher performance and reliability than traditional fiber or other solid state laser generation systems. It changes the game with faster cutting speeds than fiber lasers of like power and wall-plug efficiencies of 45 percent as compared to 35 percent for fiber. The OPTIPLEX 3015 DDL has a shorter wavelength than fiber lasers for higher speed cutting in thin to medium worksheets including reflective materials.

The OPTIPLEX 3015 DDL utilizes a new PreviewG Control and a higher performance digital drive package. The PreviewG Control provides higher productivity through high-speed and high-accuracy. The new advanced hardware offers state of the art CPU for unsurpassed operations, speed, high-response and high-speed machine motion. The PreviewG control provides optimum acceleration and deceleration for the reduction of cutting time plus tolerance control ensures high-speed corner cutting. The laser control is improved to generate optimum laser power in the minimum time improved performance for fly cutting and sharp edge cutting.

Visit our web site: www.mazakoptonics.com

Mitsubishi ex-F Zoom Fiber™ laser

The newest 8kW ex-F Zoom Fiber™ laser offers unparalleled power, reliability and cutting rates. The 8kW resonator provides a 10-45 percent improved cutting speed, depending on the material. And while power is important, the new Zoom Head™ design allows for machine versatility.

The Zoom Head automatically adjusts across a focal range that far exceeds traditional lenses, providing the optimal spot size for every material type and process. Using advanced optical controls, the mode can be changed to provide the best quality beam for each application. The result is stunningly fast piercing, superior quality and remarkable feed rates in everything from brass to mild steel – thick, thin or reflective – all seamlessly integrated with no manual lens or cartridge changes. Powerful controls with standard features like automatic focusing, two-action processing, simple nesting and program editing make this machine extremely operator-friendly.

Visit our web site: www.mcmachinery.com

New Line of 1.3 HP Air Tools from Dynabrade Feature Right Angle Grinders and Sanders

Dynabrade is proud to introduce a new line of 1.3 HP Air tools. These new high quality air tools are available as a Right Angle Disc Sander and a Right Angle Depressed Center Wheel Grinder.

Available in 4”, 4-1/2” and 5” diameters, the tools are excellent for fast stock removal, metal clean up prior to welding, removal of weld beads and various material removal applications. The Depressed Center Wheel Grinder is available in either 12,000 or 13,500 RPM. The grinder is ideal for use with Type 27 Grinding Wheels. The 1.3 Hp Disc Sander, available in 12,000 RPM is for use with a wide variety of coated abrasives.

The tools feature a governor assembly for maintaining RPM under load. Also included is a safety-lock throttle to prevent accidental start-up and a Spindle Lock for fast, easy abrasive/wheel change. A Two-Position Side Handle for left or right hand use is included. This vibration-dampening handle also reduces vibration to the operator’s hand. This line of air tools was also designed with a Wick Lubrication System, which extends gear life when the tool is properly lubricated with gear oil. Also included is a 360° rotational exhaust for directing the exhaust away from the operator. The Depressed Center Wheel Grinder also includes a safety guard and wheel flange kit. 3/8”-24 and 5/8”-11 spindle models are offered. Made in the U.S.A.

Visit our web site: www.dynabrade.com

Revolutionizing punch laser combination processing

The new TruMatic 1000 fiber is the first entry-level punch laser combination machine from TRUMPF with a solid-state laser. The machine is revolutionary in its modular design, offering users the ability to add to it as business grows. The patented Delta Drive moves both the electric punching head and the laser along the Y-axis while the sheet moves in the other direction. This feature not only increases machine dynamics, productivity and process stability, it also enables a significantly compact footprint and the ability to connect with innovative material handling options, including the SheetMaster Compact. The machine’s protective housing, a requirement for safe laser processing, is integrated into the system. It automatically moves out of the way when the machine is punching to give operators maximum visibility and accessibility. For added flexibility, the machine’s TruDisk laser resonator can also be configured as part of a laser network.

Visit our web site: www.us.trumpf.com

Scotchman CNC Saw, Designed to Enhance Performance

The Scotchman CPO 315 HFA-CNC is our newest fully programmable automatic circular cold saw & comes standard with a large 10” touch screen control, an unlimited length setting with a 30” single length shuttle, variable speed control, and a 2-year warranty. Quick setup and part length change; plus the first part cut is always accurate (within ± .002” per index). Increase efficiency and accuracy in your shop with a Scotchman saw. Proudly made in America.

Scotchman Industries was founded in 1967, and has been providing quality materials and construction, dependable performance, competitive pricing, and service to its consumers ever since. As the world and its markets change and expand, Scotchman Industries continues to grow and adapt.

Visit our web site: www.scotchman.com

The Piranha III Tungsten Grinder Offers the Latest in Tungsten Preparation Technology

Diamond Ground Product’s best-selling tungsten electrode grinder has been redesigned and refreshed to be sure it maintains its spot at the top of the tungsten grinder industry.

The Piranha III features:

  • Sliding dust shield for additional dust containment
  • Integrated receptacle area for ease of handling electrodes
  • Recessed handle for better form & function
  • On/off switch with LED light for improved display of unit operation
  • Lightened chassis for reduced weight
  • Sliding dust shield for 100% dust containment

These are in addition to its already great features:

  • Longitudinal diamond grinding, flatting and notch-cutting
  • Accommodates tungsten electrode diameters .040”, 1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32” & 3/16”
  • Included angle range from 10° to 60°
  • Sharpens tungsten as short as 1-3/4” (3/4” with Short Collet Kit upgrade)
  • Enclosed grinding area

Visit our web site: www.DiamondGround.com

Two in one machine drills & miter cuts all profiles

Another industry-first from Peddinghaus, the Peddi XDM-630 multi-spindle drill/saw combines high-speed carbide drilling, miter sawing, 4-axis scribing, tapping, countersinking and milling (slot and cope) into one machine. Save an average of 10-15 minutes per beam by milling copes with the Peddi XDM-630 – removing the need for post-grinding frequently required when using plasma technology. No operator intervention necessary to continually process 24”/600mm parts on this productive yet space-saving innovation. Further efficiencies utilizing ultra-modern PeddiMatic intelligent material handling. One operator can monitor functions for loading, processing, offloading, trim cut and part removal. The new PeddiMatic system means more production at less cost for every structural fabricator – regardless of shop size.

Web Site: www.peddinghaus.com