2016 Product Showcase

Laser cutting, punching, welding, finishing, torches, press brakes — whatever you're looking for, you'll find the latest products and services in the Product Showcase. The Product Showcase is a great way to announce a new product or service, feature specially priced items, or simply get your name and products out to a large, dedicated audience.

ATI Robotic Tool Changers

ATI Industrial Automation’s Robotic Tool Changers provide flexibility to robot applications by allowing the robot to automatically change end-effectors (e.g., grippers, vacuum cup tooling, pneumatic and electric motors, weld guns, and more). All ATI Tool Changers feature their patented Fail-Safe Locking Mechanism that prevents inadvertent unlocking due to gravity, vibration, or acceleration. View their new Tool Changer product video here.

Visit our web site: www.ati-ia.com | Call: 919-772-0115

High Performance Coolant Mist Collector

The Handte EM Profi coolant mist collector offers high collection efficiencies – plus the ability to run “24/7” for reduced maintenance, increased productivity and lower operating costs. It handles the heaviest loads encountered in industry to clean up contaminants generated during machining processes that utilize emulsion mist coolants.

Long-life coarse and fine filter demisters plus a final-stage HEPA filter deliver combined efficiencies of 99.9% on particles of 0.3 micron and larger. A patented automatic sprayer counteracts emulsion coolant clumping, ensuring that separators can operate almost maintenance-free. Service life between change-outs is up to six years for demister filters and two years for HEPA filters. The collector comes with a 12-year limited warranty.

Visit our web site: www.camfilapc.com/products/handte-em-profi

High Productivity Welding Centers

Andersen Industries line-up of WeldPro 360 Mig Welding Centers consistently delivers productivity increases of 15-30%! The WeldPro 360 is a state-of-art welding boom and much more.

With the flip of a switch, this double-articulated boom rotates into position, anywhere within a 56 ft. diameter weld zone. Unlimited rotation around the center support column, along with a secondary boom arm that pivots back towards the center column-in either direction, delivers total coverage of the welding zone. No dead spots. No cables to drag. No wasted motion. Arc on-time soars.

If you are looking to slash your welding costs in a significant way, then you’re ready for the revolutionary WeldPro 360 welding center. Let us show you, how you can take control of weld productivity, improve product quality and enhance operator safety with a WeldPro 360 welding center.

Visit our web site: www.andersenmp.com/weldpro-360 | Call: 760-246-8766

Power and performance for all fabricators TruLaser 2030 fiber with new LiftMaster Shuttle

With an energy-efficient fully integrated 3 or 4kW TruDisk laser, the versatile TruLaser 2030 fiber offers economic laser processing across a variety of materials and thicknesses with high accuracy, speed and cut quality. The machine is designed for overnight operation with an eight station nozzle changer and the new, fully automated load/unload system LiftMaster Shuttle.

This new automation solution features flexible automation layouts and enable the machine to be used for longer production runs while a separate pallet changer facilitates shorter runs. The machine is suitable for job shops running up to three shifts per day as well as for first time laser users. The TruLaser 2030 fiber is controlled by a user-friendly touch screen interface which keeps operators in control, regardless of their experience level. It is the ideal choice for fabricators in need of productivity and process reliability at competitive investment and operating costs.

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