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How to prepare for the aging workforce

August 27, 2014 | By Brian Roberts

The aging workforce is a complex, multifaceted issue, but it has one immutable fact: There will be more older people working than ever before. Older workers can be incredibly valuable to a manufacturer. They have the experience and skill that this industry craves. But you can’t escape biology. As we get older, the body changes, and the workplace needs to account for these changes. The good news is that these changes not only help older workers, but every employee at the company.

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Monitoring the quality of welded tube and pipe

September 17, 2001 | By Brian Roberts

An eddy current flaw detection system is suitable for detecting discontinuities in tube and pipe during the production process. Understanding about eddy current system principles and this technology's capabilities and limitations can help tube and pipe producers learn how to use such a system.

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