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Eliminating gaps in PPE -

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Eliminating gaps in PPE

September 13, 2013 | By Kristy Giebe

Approximately 100,000 Americans suffer serious head injuries on the job each year, and nearly 1,000 American workers suffer job-related eye injuries each day. A common challenge when it comes to PPE compliance for the head, face, and eyes is to ensure health and safety are not sacrificed for efficiency and productivity, or vice versa. Increasingly higher noncompliance rates with PPE protocols is an alarming trend and a serious threat to your overall health and safety. Whether due to economic conditions, flawed safety programs, or attitudes that result in at-risk behaviors, these safety gaps must be addressed.

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Making safety a priority -

Safety | Articles | Practical Welding Today

Making safety a priority

July 16, 2012 | By Kristy Giebe

Welders are exposed to a number of hazards in the shop every day. Because of the inherent dangers that a welding environment can pose, it’s important that you, the welder, in conjunction with shop management, exercise a commitment to personal protection at all times. Carelessness can lead to preventable injury, costing you time away from work or much worse. Ask yourself these three questions to make sure safety is a priority for you and in your workplace.

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