Methodology used in future steel vehicle wins SAE award

February 9, 2010

The Accelerated Concept to Product (ACP) process, marketed by Engineering Technology Associates Inc. (ETA), has won the 2nd Annual Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Detroit Section/Massachusetts Institute of Technology Enterprise Forum (MITEF) Vehicle Innovation Competition. The competition selects inventions that provide solutions to current automotive industry challenges.

ACP is ETA's trade name for WorldAutoSteels' Future Steel Vehicle (FSV) design methodology, a multidisciplinary approach using CAE tools to generate optimized designs. This comprehensive analysis helps manufacturers reduce mass and costs while improving efficiency, product performance, and fuel economy, the company reports.

"The roots of this unique design approach are showcased in prior American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) research programs with car companies like Chrysler's Lightweight Steel Body and Auto/Steel Partnership's Future Generation Passenger Compartment Project," said Jody Shaw, manager of technical marketing and product development with U. S. Steel and chairman of FSV.

First deployment of the technology is expected in May 2010, with full program results scheduled for release early in 2011. FSV is expected to exceed the 25 percent mass reduction results of the 2002 ULSAB-Advanced Vehicle Concept (ULSAB-AVC) project.