Workshop to explore enhancement of lean tools

October 11, 2010

The Ohio State University is hosting a free workshop entitled "Industrial Engineering (IE) Science Helps to Adapt and Enhance the Lean Tools for High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing" on Dec. 9, 2010.

Industrial engineers have an opportunity to develop the next generation of computer-aided lean tools. Many of the tools first developed by Toyota are charts that are produced manually and analyzed using oversimplified quantitative techniques. This workshop will demonstrate quantitative methods that have been developed to enhance the lean tools, to support the problem-solving skills of lean practitioners, and to promote the real-world application of correct operations research methods.

Tutorials and case studies will highlight the school's most recent work to modernize the methods and tools for methods analysis and process improvement. It also will present an integrated view of how the school has integrated the thinking underlying TOC, lean, and Six Sigma to adapt and extend the lean tools for use in high-mix, low-volume manufacturing facilities.

For more information or to register, e-mail or call 614-688-4685.

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