Solar-powered autodarkening welding helmets built to handle demanding environments

March 5, 2010

Lincoln Electric has added a second series to its Viking™ autodarkening welding helmets. The existing 700G series and new 750S series helmets are solar-powered, lightweight, and built to handle demanding work environments, according to the manufacturer.

The 700G series features a SlowRider™ graphic design, as well as the standard black and Tribal&trade models. The DINS-sized 4.33- by 3.54-in. cartridge has external nine to 13 shade control. The helmet weighs 18 oz. and features magnifying cheater lens capability; variable sensitivity; and variable delay, which allows the user to adjust the time required to bring the helmet back from darkened view to the light state.

The 750S series has a U.S.-standard 4.5- by 5.25-in. cartridge and outside cover lens. Its internal shade variable control has adjustable sensitivity for a variety of welding environments. The helmet weighs 19 oz. and is available in standard black, Cruzin Sticks™, and RedRod™ designs.

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