Self-clinching threaded standoffs allow installation close to edges

February 7, 2006

PEM® type DSOS self-clinching threaded standoffs from PennEngineering® can be installed close to edges in thin metal sheet and offer a method to stack or space components in an assembly. They are suitable where space for fastening hardware is limited and are RoHS-compliant.

The company says the standoffs provide strong, reusable metal threads to provide secure attachment and enable component disassembly when required. They are available in two lengths and in thread sizes #4-40 and M3. Standoffs can be installed flush in steel or aluminum sheets as thin as 0.037 in. and with minimum centerline-to-edge distances of 0.126 in.

The standoff is inserted through a mounting hole with the correct diameter and then into an anvil. Keeping punch and anvil surfaces parallel, squeezing force can be applied until the unit's head embeds flush in the sheet.

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