Compact arc welding robot carries torch, wire feeder on the arm

August 19, 2014

FANUC America Corp. will demonstrate its new Arc Mate 0iB robot at FABTECH. Designed for arc welding applications, it can carry a standard welding torch and wire feeder on the arm. The high-speed robot can be used for a variety of applications and is suited to smaller shops that typically weld manually.

The robot offers high-speed operation to minimize robot cycle times, according to the company. It is lightweight and compact to fit in tight spaces. All welding setup is done through the teach pendant. Features include ArcLink XT™ — the industry’s first Ethernet-based welding network — and Lincoln Electric’s R350 integrated welding power source.

The robot handles various advanced welding waveforms, such as thin-metal spatterless welding or highly controlled pulse welding for optimized welds. Multiple mounting positions include floor, angle, and wall. The J3 axis flips over itself for invert mounting.

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