Robot provides working envelope of nearly 360 degrees

July 19, 2010

Toshiba Machine's TH-A series of SCARA robots is equipped with rigid gears for each axis to provide quick acceleration and deceleration. The line is identical to the company's TH series, with the exception of the gears and the robot's working envelope: axis one and axis two combine to provide a working area of nearly 360 degrees.

The arms are constructed of aluminum casting and span from 25.59 to 47.24 in. Payloads are from 22 to 45 lbs. The TH650A achieves minimum 0.008-in. deflection with the maximum payload. Deflection for the TH850A and the TH1050A is less than 0.04 in. when handling the maximum payload.

Piping positions are flexible and can be changed by the user. Internal wiring harnesses reduce wear and tear and protect against the passage of external contaminants. A standard sealed labyrinth structure makes the robot suitable for clean-room applications.

The full-function TS2100 controller uses a SCOL programming language, which is similar to BASIC. This language is used throughout the SCARA line, allowing for robot-to-robot integration. Multiple motion control commands are included.