Double-pinch hydraulic plate roll introduced

June 14, 2011

Double-pinch hydraulic plate roll introduced -

Carell Corp. has introduced the new SIHR series three-roll, double-pinch plate roll.

Options include a heavy-duty, hydraulic-powered sheet support table; section dies installed on extended roll shafts for quick rolling of several types of barstock and structural sections; and LED digital readouts.

Lateral rolls move via a planetary swing-arm system (PSAS) designed with large SKF GE series bearings that permit higher rolling capacities, extended inclination for cone rolling, shorter flats, and tighter rolling IDs. The positive parallelism system (PPS) fluid dynamic leveling on lateral rolls provides instant and continuous parallelism without using torsion bars, cams, or mechanical adjustments.

The paralleling system reduces maintenance and uses 90 percent fewer components than torsion balancing systems, the company says. Heavy, single-weldment end frames are reinforced at load points to distribute bending stress, reduce torsional deflection, and extend overall machine life.

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