Enhanced CAD/CAM nesting software facilitates use of irregular-shaped sheets, plates

July 30, 2009

Striker Systems, a sheet metal manufacturing software developer, has announced the release of STRIKER 2010 Sheet Metal CAD/CAM & Nesting.

Driven by customer input, STRIKER 2010 offers many enhancements to existing features and introduces new technology. A significant advancement is further refinement of the Ribbon Interface. The Ribbon Interface presents commands in a simplified, structured interface that makes the software easier to learn and easier to use, the company says.

One enhancement is the ability to create, track, and nest on irregular shaped (nonrectangular) sheets or plates. The software creates a crop cut to separate the unused portion of a nested sheet. This sheet remnant, regardless of shape, is then placed into inventory for future nesting consideration. A sheet remnant can be assigned to a subsequent nest job by the user or the software can automatically select a sheet remnant when it is determined to deliver the greatest material utilization. The software helps customers reduce scrap by incorporating remnant sheets that might not otherwise be considered for production.

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