Tool data management software helps streamline CAM simulation

August 29, 2013

TDM Systems has released TDM 4.6 tool data management software, designed for short implementation times and simplified use.

Three-dimensional generators have been improved to help streamline CAM simulation. The 3D-Revolve Generator for rotationally symmetric tools and the 3D-Solid Converter help accelerate process simulation and collision analysis.

According to the developer, it takes a few mouse clicks to go from importing data to simulation support, and then providing data on presetting devices and CNC machines.

The software offers a data downloader for Walter tools and a tool loader for tools from other manufacturers that help ensure the database is filled from the start as quickly as possible. Along with the master data, the user is provided with simulation data, 2-D graphics, and 3-D graphics at the same time. The downloader automatically loads the data on the selected tools directly into the software.