Synthetic lubricants formulated for drawing, stamping ferrous and nonferrous metals

November 21, 2011

Houghton Intl. offers two synthetic, water-soluble metal forming lubricants.

DRAWSOL® WM 110 is formulated for drawing and stamping ferrous and nonferrous metals. The oil-free formula minimizes smoke, mist, and odors during forming, and it does not stick to metalworking tools, the company states. The lubricant also eliminates the corrosion of metal and tooling.

DRAWSOL WM 4740 is a heavy-duty lubricant recommended for a variety of metal forming applications. Suitable for ferrous, stainless, and aluminized alloys, the lubricant protects dies and cutting tools and provides excellent weld-through properties, says the manufacturer.

Both lubricants remain stable when extended with water, which helps decrease lubricant costs at the press. Dilution reduces drag-out and improves housekeeping, because water-soluble materials are more easily cleaned from presses, manufacturing areas, and formed parts.

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