CO2 laser cutting system equipped with high-speed linear motors, dual pallets

February 28, 2013

Cincinnati Incorporated offers the new CL-400 CO2 laser cutting system. The machine uses the company's water-cooled, high-speed linear motor drives and HMI touchscreen control and nesting software.

Dual 5- by 10-ft. pallets and an optional modular material handling system reduce beam-off time and help increase productivity. The machine, which features a low-maintenance, 4,000-W resonator, delivers positioning speeds of 12,000 IPM and up to a 1-in. processing range on mild steel.

Positioning accuracy is ±0.001 in. at high cutting speeds. The machine's heavy 0.75- to 1.5-in. steel plate frame provides stability. The separate load frame is made of 1.5-in. plate steel to withstand repetitive loading and unloading without affecting the cutting process.

The resonator features a low-speed, oil-free turbine designed for laser use and a gas-filtration module that continuously purifies the gases flowing through the resonator.

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