Laser-cutting center line expanded

November 6, 2007

Cincinnati Incorporated has added two models to its line of linear-motor-drive laser cutting centers. The CL-840 and CL-825 allow operators to tailor performance to specific cutting requirements. Both models feature FANUC fast-axial-flow resonators—4,000 W continuous power for the 840 and 2,500 W for the 825.

Each machine is available in 5-ft. by 10-ft. and 6-ft. by 12-ft. cutting table sizes and comes standard with full guarding. Dual-pallet, quick-change design allows operators to unload and reload one pallet while the second is being processed. Pallet change takes seconds, and cutting is nearly continuous, the company reports.

The new models offer the company's third-generation linear-motor-drive system, introduced on the 5,000-W CL-850. The drive system has accelerations exceeding 2 G, head positioning speeds up to 10,000 IPM, and positioning accuracy of &#plusmin:0.001 in. The 840 processes mild steel up to 1 in. and stainless steel and aluminum up to 1/2 in., while the 825 cuts mild steel up to 5/8 in. and stainless and aluminum to 1/4 in.

Optical features exclusive to the 800 line are designed to improve part quality and productivity. An enhanced beam system with distributed purge air enables operators to cut thick and thin material. The AutoFocus cutting head accommodates 5-in., 7.5-in., and 10-in. focal-length lenses to optimize the beam for various materials.

The heavyweight plate construction is double the frame weight of competing machines, according to the company.

The machines include control software and HMI. Dynamic Power Control (DPC™), standard on the company's lasers, automatically adjusts laser power to feed rate to maintain consistent kerf width and edge condition while eliminating involved CNC programming of power control. Enhanced pulsing helps produce smooth edges, reduced HAZ, and intricate features. "Look-ahead" control capability helps prevent tool path errors, increase hole-cutting feed rates, and create accurate contours.

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