Laser system available with up to 10-kW QCW fiber laser

April 28, 2014

Prima Power Laserdyne has announced the availability of the Laserdyne 430 series of precision laser systems with up to 20-kW quasi-continuous wave (QCW) fiber lasers for cutting, welding, and drilling of 2-D and 3-D components.

Equipped with the third-generation BeamDirector®, the system can perform drilling of cylindrical and shaped holes; bevel cutting; and welding of such materials as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and titanium. It provides rotary-axis motion of 900 degrees and tilt-axis motion of 300 degrees. It also includes optical encoders, high assist-gas airflow, adjustable mirrors, and cassette-mounted lens and cover slides.

Changeover among multiple sets of parameters occurs in milliseconds, so differing laser processes and multiple operations can be performed in the same setup.

The SP94P control features Automatic Focus Control™ (AFC) for capacitive part sensing and optional Optical Focus Control (OFC) for sensing nonconductive surfaces.

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