Forklift products combine safety, space savings

May 5, 2014

Combilift offers forklift products in a variety of models and styles designed to provide safe, space-saving handling of long loads. The newest and smallest pedestrian pallet truck, the Combi-WR, and its multidirectional counterpart, the Combi-WR4, have a capacity of 1.5 tons, while the Combi-SC series straddle carriers can move containers and other similarly oversized loads of up to 88 tons.

In between are the original C series with lift capacities from 2.8 to 28 tons; sideloaders; stand-on trucks; the articulated Aisle-Master for pallet handling; and the Combi-CB, the first forklift to combine counterbalance design with four-way ability.

The forklifts can be used for the initial stages of offloading raw materials, during the manufacturing process, and for storage and dispatch of finished product. They are available with LPG, diesel, or electric power, as well as a variety of options and attachments to suit individual operational requirements.

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