Plasma systems available with automatic, manual controls

January 11, 2005

InnerLogic Inc. has introduced four new plasma cutting machines, the fully automatic FineLine 150PC and 260PC and the ProLine 2150 and 2260 with manual controls.

The 150-amp FineLine 150PC cuts most metals up to in. and has a maximum capacity of up to 1 in. The 260-amp FineLine 260PC cuts most metals up to 1 in. and has a maximum capacity of up to 2 in. Both models produce square, dross-free cuts at high speeds and have high consumable life, the company says. An automatic gas console on these systems automatically sets process parameters, displays the required torch parts and part numbers, and monitors usable life.

The 150-amp ProLine 2150 and the 260-amp ProLine 2260 offer the same cutting capabilities as the FineLine machines, but their manual controls allow operators to tailor cutting parameters to their specifications.

The patented INOVA torch height control system is available for all models and can be built into the ProLine systems.

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