Leaching autoclave system cleans industrial parts, components

June 5, 2014

Designed for operation with caustic solutions at elevated temperatures and pressures, a new leaching autoclave system from WSF Industries Inc. cleans industrial parts and components by mechanical agitation of an internal basket and other processes.

The new system features a 30-in.-ID by 48-in. vertical autoclave with a cooling coil, heating system, and the company’s patented Rapidoor® quick-access closure for loading and unloading. It handles maximum operating conditions of 450 degrees F at 400 PSIG.

Nickel-alloy construction and other materials protect surfaces that come into contact with the caustic solution. Supporting features include vacuum and fill systems, a caustic solution supply tank, a nitrogen/argon pressurization system, automatic timed venting and drainage systems, and an advanced PLC panel.

The system controls and executes a core leaching cycle, with predetermined times, temperature, and pressure set points. It performs caustic heating and pressurization, flash agitation, burp agitation, and mechanical agitation.

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