CNC tooling safety covers provide security

April 15, 2008

Huot's new safety tool covers are designed to protect CNC tooling and manufacturing protocol, to help manufacturers keep trade secrets, and to provide an extra measure of security for proprietary CNC tooling and confidential manufacturing processes. The patent-pending CNC safety covers allow the operator to select the correct tooling while visitors or personnel are touring nonsecured manufacturing areas. For tooling identification, users can write on the covers with a dry-erase marker.

The hard plastic safety covers protect CNC tooling from damage. In addition, they can keep staged tooling clean and ready to go for fast setup. For tooling retrieval, the safety covers protect workers' arms and minimize the risk of injury.

The covers are held in place with keyhole slots molded into the base and shoulder bolts installed on the ToolScoot®. A twist releases the cover to retrieve tooling. Another twist locks the cover back in place. The covers are built for use with many ToolScoot models. They are available for tapers 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, HSK 63A, and HSK 100A.

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