Tooling system expanded to suit 10-station Euromac multitool

February 12, 2008

Mate Precision Tooling has expanded its XMT™ tooling system with the XMT 0.5-in. punch, stripper, and Slug Free® die to suit the10-station Euromac XMTE10 multitool.

The tooling accommodates round and shaped tools with a diagonal dimension up to 0.500 in. These multitool assemblies are configured to accept the following two XMT 0.945-in. punches, strippers, and dies (rounds or shapes); four XMT 0.5-in. punches, strippers, and dies (rounds or shapes); and four XMT 0.5-in. punches, strippers and dies (rounds only).

The new multitool tooling and existing tooling are designed with high-speed steel (HSS) to provide an optimal interval between regrinds, the company states. Punches have a 1/4-degree back taper and near polished flanks to reduce friction and eliminate galling. Hardened strippers feature a clearance of 0.0017 in. for optimal punch guiding. The Slug Free geometry, designed to eliminate slug pulling, features uniform clearance radii in die corners to improve piece part quality.

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