Portable CMM designed for harsh environments

June 13, 2012

Portable CMM designed for harsh environments - TheFabricator.com

Hexagon Metrology has introduced the Sheffield 4.5.4 SF, a new line of CMMs built for the shop floor and designed to withstand harsh manufacturing environments. The portable unit has a footprint of 52.2 by 32.8 by 79.5 in., which fits through a standard door.

The computer, controller, and interface boxes are integrated into one self-contained unit with locking wheels for mobility throughout the shop floor. The CMM also uses standard 110-/220-V outlets with no need for shop air.

Hardened linear drives and recirculating bearings add to overall durability. Standard elastomeric dampers isolate the measuring platform from most vibrations. Inverted, high-resolution Heidenhain scales; covered ways; and internal cable management protect machine components from ambient dust and debris while minimizing friction. An optional active vibration dampening system is available for extreme environments.

Advanced thermal isolation and temperature compensation elements help ensure accuracy in unstable shop floor environments.

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