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The safety technology area has information for protecting workers directly with personal protection equipment and indirectly with interlocks, light curtains, machine guards, barriers, safety curtains, sensors, and ventilation systems.

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Welding helmets offered with new graphics designs

July 30, 2013

3M Personal Safety Division has introduced new graphics options for its Speedglas graphic welding helmet 100 series. The helmets, which feature smooth ratchet suspension, high optical quality, and light-to-dark switching, now come in two new graphics styles. The Tribute helmet has a patriotic...

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Self-contained downdraft tables require no external exhaust hoses -

Self-contained downdraft tables require no external exhaust hoses

July 29, 2013

Extreme Air downdraft tables from Micro Air® Clean Air Systems are self-contained, powered downdraft tables that do not require external exhaust hoses, offering flexibility and portability without the need for ducting. The tables are designed for welding, grinding, soldering, sanding,...

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Protective eyewear designed for all-day wear -

Protective eyewear designed for all-day wear

July 29, 2013

Laservision has introduced the new Ice protective eyewear. The white frames come in a variety of laser protective filters. The lightweight, strong frame provides comfort and durability for all-day wear, the company...

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Welding helmet has adjustable 4/9-13 ADF integrated into 180-degree viewing lens

July 15, 2013

Save Phace has introduced two new additions to its Extreme Face Protector (EFP) series of welding helmets: the Tagged series and the Imposter series. The Tagged series is custom-airbrushed by hand. It offers an adjustable 4/9-13 auto-darkening filter (ADF) integrated into a 180-degree viewing...

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SMAW glove resists cuts -

SMAW glove resists cuts

July 8, 2013

John Tillman Co. has introduced a cut-resistant SMAW glove. The 1080K features side-split cowhide with a cotton/foam lining for moisture absorption and heat protection. An additional Kevlar® palm lining provides cut protection and meets ANSI cut resistance level 2. Kevlar stitching and...

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Cartridge filters offer efficiency rating of 15

June 12, 2013

Imperial Systems Inc. has introduced its DeltaMAXX cartridge filter. Using nanofiber filtration technology to help increase service life, the filter has an ASHRAE MERV of 15. Engineered primarily for use within the company's CMAXX dust collector, it comes in a variety of sizes that fit in units...

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Mobile app presents respiratory protection resources

May 21, 2013

3M™ has developed a free respiratory protection resource guide mobile app for industrial hygienists and safety professionals. App users can get answers to frequently asked respiratory questions; check the company's respirator selection guide; identify the company's facepieces, cartridges, and...

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Boots, eyewear protect workers -

Boots, eyewear protect workers

May 19, 2013

Honeywell Safety Products has introduced new safety products to protect workers. Oliver® Boots industrial safety footwear features chemical-resistant exteriors, PORON® technology, NATUREform wide-profile steel toe caps, NANOlite footbeds, and direct-attach leather construction....

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Hard-hat head assembly added to respirators -

Hard-hat head assembly added to respirators

May 16, 2013

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has added a hard hat option to its current powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) line. The hard hat is paired with Titanium Series™ auto-darkening welding helmets, which feature InfoTrack™ digital lens technology. The respirators protect against hazardous...

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Full-brim hard hat includes UV exposure indicator -

Full-brim hard hat includes UV exposure indicator

May 13, 2013

3M™ has introduced the H-800 series full-brim hard hat, featuring a smooth ratchet suspension and an optional Uvicator™ sensor that changes color when the hard hat is exposed to UV light. The UV sensor helps provide an observable indication of when it is time to take the hard hat out...

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Welding helmet shape helps keep wearer cooler

May 9, 2013

Save Phace has introduced the Extreme Face Protector (EFP) Gen Y series of welding helmets, offering welding, grinding, and splash protection. The helmets offer an adjustable 4/9-13 auto-darkening filter with grind mode integrated into a 180-degree viewing lens. The face-forming design helps the...

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Safety light curtains available -

Safety light curtains available

May 9, 2013

A new line of compact, low-profile safety light curtains from ifm can provide finger, hand, and body protection in a variety of industrial applications. The Type 4 light curtains provide a multibeam barrier of infrared light in front of a hazardous area. If any of the beams are blocked by an...

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Dust collector hoppers fit low-profile applications -

Dust collector hoppers fit low-profile applications

April 9, 2013

Camfil APC has introduced two new dust collector hoppers for use in constrained-space applications. Depending on the model, the low-profile hoppers can reduce overall collector height by as much as 36 in. Designed to fit Farr Gold Series® cartridge dust collectors, the Low Pro hopper...

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Lockout/tagout video addresses global regulations, best practices -

Lockout/tagout video addresses global regulations, best practices

March 21, 2013

Brady Corp. has released a safety training video, "Lockout/Tagout: Global Best Practice Training." This 25-minute training video addresses the many global regulations that focus on lockout and the importance of implementing a comprehensive plan. The video covers lockout, the benefits of...

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Dry vacuum holds 110 gallons -

Dry vacuum holds 110 gallons

March 21, 2013

Exair has introduced the 110-gal. Premium Heavy Duty Dry Vac™ system, an industrial-duty vacuum cleaner designed to vacuum high volumes of dry material rapidly. The compressed-air-powered unit has no motors or impellers, so it is suitable for the cleanup of abrasive materials such as steel...

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