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The safety technology area has information for protecting workers directly with personal protection equipment and indirectly with interlocks, light curtains, machine guards, barriers, safety curtains, sensors, and ventilation systems.

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Black disposable nitrile gloves hide dirt, grime -

Black disposable nitrile gloves hide dirt, grime

July 10, 2012

Magid Glove & Safety offers the new Magid® EconoWear® T9559 black, powder-free, disposable nitrile gloves. The black coloring, as opposed to the traditional blue for nitrile gloves, helps to hide dirt, grime, and grease. The ambidextrous gloves, 9.5 in. long and 5 mil thick, offer...

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Products control fire risk in weld fume extraction systems

June 21, 2012

Lincoln Electric offers Guardian™ products to help reduce the risk of fires in welding fume extraction filter systems. Early detection and suppression are initiated in the event of a fire to minimize the fire hazard, to limit the system damages, and to avoid the risk of escalation and...

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Quick-connect sets comply with OSHA requirements

June 20, 2012

Western Enterprises has launched a new line of quick connects for oxygen, fuel gases, and inert gases featuring a sleeve lock that prevents accidental separation of the quick-connect mating components. The mating components cannot be disconnected by means of a straight pull without rotary motion,...

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Welding station recycles contaminated air -

Welding station recycles contaminated air

June 18, 2012

RoboVent's CrossFlow Table is a compact, self-contained system that recycles contaminated air using a high-efficiency, self-cleaning filter system. The system is operational after the power and a compressed-air hose are connected. The all-in-one bench and filtration unit is suitable for repair...

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Safety light curtain protected from damage -

Safety light curtain protected from damage

June 14, 2012

Keyence has introduced the new GL-R series safety light curtain. It is built from a 0.12-in.-thick, extruded aluminum body with a 0.35-in.-wide, recessed lens surface. This design guards the light curtain from impact damage. In addition, the housing is sealed to meet IP65 and IP67 ratings for...

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Cut-resistant sleeves, gloves protect workers with comfort -

Cut-resistant sleeves, gloves protect workers with comfort

May 30, 2012

Magid Glove & Safety has announced the launch of its CutMaster™ Aramax™ and Aramax™ XT series of cut-resistant sleeves and gloves. Machine knit from cut- and abrasion-resistant yarns, the gloves and sleeves provide hand and arm protection for workers engaged in metal...

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Misting fans help beat summer heat

May 29, 2012

Big Ass Fan Company® has added high-pressure, filtered misting systems to its 8-ft. AirGo® and Yellow Jacket® portable industrial fans. According to the company, they produce a cooling effect equivalent to 22 and 11 tons of air conditioning, respectively. . The new systems produce an ultrafine...

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Welding helmets include arc-on time tracking -

Welding helmets include arc-on time tracking

May 21, 2012

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced its newly redesigned Arc Armor® Titanium Series™ welding helmets for heavy-use and high-amperage applications. They feature InfoTrack™ technology, which allows the operator to track arc-on time and set alarms and timers via a digital clock....

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Flame-retardant garments protect welders -

Flame-retardant garments protect welders

May 10, 2012

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has added FR flame-retardant clothing to its Weld Warrior line of personal protection equipment. The clothing is designed to provide comfort and protection in demanding welding environments. The line includes the Jersey, a lightweight pullover for warmer...

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Welding helmet's filter shade changes with flip of a switch -

Welding helmet's filter shade changes with flip of a switch

April 25, 2012

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products offers the Aristo® Tech 5-13 welding helmet with variable-shade autodarkening filter (ADF) lens technology for professional welders. The helmet has a variable 5-13 digital control for adjustment of shade level, sensitivity, and delay. Its Quick Set™...

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Testing system measures fit of hearing protectors

April 5, 2012

3M offers the E-A-Rfit Validation System, a quantitative hearing protector fit-test. The system features a new software upgrade, an expanded portfolio of probed earplugs for testing, and training materials. The system helps users achieve optimal fit through hearing protector selection and employee...

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Cut-resistant gloves, sleeves protect in metal fabrication applications

April 3, 2012

Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced two new products that offer protection in metal fabrication, glass handling, automotive assembly, and stamping operations. Jackson Safety G60 Level 2 polyurethane-coated, cut-resistant gloves protect against minor cuts and abrasions and offer a barrier...

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Portable dust collector captures contaminants at the source -

Portable dust collector captures contaminants at the source

March 26, 2012

The PCH series of portable dust collection systems from Airflow Systems Inc. provides source-point collection of airborne contaminants, preventing them from migrating throughout the facility to settle on equipment and fixtures, contaminate product, or present physical hazards to personnel. The...

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Welding gloves designed for specific welding applications -

Welding gloves designed for specific welding applications

March 22, 2012

The IRONCAT® line of welding gloves from West Chester Holdings is designed for the heat shielding, dexterity, and protection requirements of SMAW, GMAW, and GTAW applications. The SMAW gloves feature thick materials to withstand high heat. The 14-in. length provides forearm coverage, while...

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Handle grips help tool users comply with OSHA recommendations

March 15, 2012

Re-Grip Inc. offers handle grips to help minimize safety risk and downtime while adhering to OSHA recommendations for pneumatic tools. Made of durable elastic material to provide mechanical and environmental protection while increasing user comfort, the grips help reduce muscle fatigue and increase...

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