The bending technology area includes all manner of machines and processes for bending sheet metal, including press brakes, folders, panel benders, corner formers, ironworkers, notchers, orbital formers, and roll benders. It also has information on accessories such as gauging and backgauging systems.

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Plate bending rolls feature direct-drive design

March 26, 2012

Trilogy Machinery has added a direct-drive design to its Lemas three- and four-roll plate bending rolls. The four-roll, double-pinch plate bending rolls have no belts or chains, as the drive motor is coupled directly to the bending rolls, offering 100 percent power and torque. The universal joint...

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Ironworker includes integrated press brake -

Ironworker includes integrated press brake

March 21, 2012

Trilogy Machinery Inc. offers the Sunrise IW-66KB ironworker. It includes an integrated 12-in. press brake with a separate foot pedal for bending operations, a multi-V lower die, a worktable, and a 24-in. gauging system. Features include vertical frame design, 4-in. angle capacity, and 14-in....

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Adjustable V die allows press brake bending of angles to 50 degrees -

Adjustable V die allows press brake bending of angles to 50 degrees

March 14, 2012

LVD Strippit nv offers the Vari-Vee V30-140 CNC, adjustable V die for its PPEB and Easy-Form® precision press brakes. The variable, adjustable-bottom V die is designed for use with press brakes from 320 to 1,000 tons and up to 315 in. long. The die provides automatic adjustment of the V...

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Bender produces 4,000 hairpins per hour -

Bender produces 4,000 hairpins per hour

March 14, 2012

The new SD-VBHB small-diameter vertical hairpin bender from Burr Oak Tool Inc. produces eight parts per cycle for a throughput capacity of up to 4,000 hairpins per hour. The compact machine, with a size reduction of 102 sq. ft. from the previous design, uses less floor space. The new bender...

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AddisonMckee to supply muffler assembly system for Chrysler C platform vehicle -

AddisonMckee to supply muffler assembly system for Chrysler C platform vehicle

March 13, 2012

Tube bending and end forming equipment-maker AddisonMckee of Lebanon, Ohio, has been commissioned to manufacture entirely new and rebuilt Eagle equipment for a Michigan exhaust manufacturer to produce the muffler assembly for Chrysler's new C platform vehicle in the U.S. The equipment features...

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Material selection for rotary draw bend tooling -

Material selection for rotary draw bend tooling

March 12, 2012


Understanding substrates and coatings, and how the coated surface interacts with tube or pipe during the bending process, is necessary to finding a cost-effective, capable combination.

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BLM Group USA appoints southwest sales manager -

BLM Group USA appoints southwest sales manager

March 7, 2012

BLM Group USA, a Wixom, Mich.-based manufacturer of tube processing equipment, has announced the appointment of Todd O’Brien as its new southwest region sales manager. In this position, O’Brien is responsible for customer account management and sales of the company's equipment. The...

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Virtual bending, real improvement -

Bending software streamlines press brake department

February 28, 2012


Ben endured the same frustrations many press brake department supervisors face. Operators get a print that doesn’t take the proper bend deductions into account. They fudge it, performing test bend after test bend. Productivity suffers, and the bottleneck ensues. At Ben’s shop, this all was about to change.

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Cincinnati Incorporated appoints machine tool product manager

February 22, 2012

Metal fabrication equipment manufacturer Cincinnati Incorporated has named Todd Kirchoff as product manager – machine tool products. A 23-year veteran of the company, he has served as field service engineer, product specialist – press brakes and shears, and manager of direct sales. Kirchoff...

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Faro: Tube Fabrication Made Easy 2-14-12

Date: February 14, 2012

Sponsored by FARO

Length: 60:00

The tube fabrication industry is changing from the older trial-and-error method of manual tube shape inspection and bender setup. In this Webinar you will learn the limitations of the "wooden gage" method, along with the advanced method that allows you to fully qualify tube shapes with inspection reports, connect to and correct CNC benders, and more.

Amada announces grand opening of Dallas facility

February 10, 2012

Amada will celebrate the grand opening of its new Dallas Satellite Center March 7-8. The center will work in conjunction with the Amada Solution Center in Schaumburg, Ill., and the Los Angeles Technical Center in Buena Park, Calif., to provide ongoing access for local and national customers. At...

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Servo-electric press brake introduced -

Servo-electric press brake introduced

February 7, 2012

Prima Power has introduced the eP-series press brake. The Electro CNC and servo-electric drive system provide high acceleration, deceleration, and fast response times, the manufacturer reports. The pulley-belt system distributes the force over the whole bending length to prevent upper tool...

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Press brake series expanded to offer machines up to 700 tons -

Press brake series expanded to offer machines up to 700 tons

February 7, 2012

LVD Strippit has expanded its PPEC series of midrange, precision hydraulic press brakes to offer machines up to 700 tons. The higher-tonnage models provide heavier forming capacity and expand the line with machines from 39 tons in bend lengths up to 265 in. The machines are equipped with the...

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Mid Atlantic Machinery to host Machine Tool Madness show

February 2, 2012

Mid Atlantic Machinery will host the Machine Tool Madness show at its Harrisburg, Pa., showroom March 28-29 for welders and fabricators interested in rolling, robotic welding, eliminating secondary operations, and improving bending techniques. Manufacturers at the show will include TRUMPF,...

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Cincinnati Incorporated appoints new sales manager, expands sales team

February 2, 2012

Cincinnati Incorporated, a manufacturer of metal fabrication equipment in Cincinnati, has appointed John Prevish as sales manager. The appointment is part of the company’s launch of new sales and marketing initiatives, which includes the recent appointments of Matt Garbarino as the company's new...

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