Laser Welding

Its small spot size and extremely high energy density make laser welding ideal for many welding applications. Learn about the capabilities and limitations of the process in this technology area.

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Differentiation in manufacturing: Cadence hits its unique stride

January 4, 2016


Cadence, Inc. in Staunton, Va., launched with a proprietary technology. But if the company had relied solely on that technology for growth, it wouldn’t be the $100 million, 500-employee, six-location industrial and medical device contract manufacturer it is today.

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Epic Systems completes automated welding application for Titanova

December 18, 2015

Design-and-build integration company Epic Systems Inc., St. Louis, recently designed, engineered, and built a custom automated laser welding machine for Titanova Inc. to use in its laser job shop. Titanova offers heat-treating, cladding, remanufacturing, brazing, and welding services, as well...

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Rebel by ESAB: Go anywhere. Weld anything.

Presented by ESAB Welding & Cutting Products

Length: 1:38

The truth is out about this game-changing welding machine that combines unmatched simplicity, performance and control in a complete, ready-to-weld package. Visit

Industrial fiber laser incorporates programmable pulse shaping, triggering

November 25, 2015

nLIGHT has introduced the nLIGHT alta prime™ industrial fiber laser. It is available at power levels from 500 W to 1 kW for metal cutting and welding applications. According to the company, the laser has the fastest modulation rate and shortest pulse rise-and-fall times available in a...

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Laser cells perform automated cutting, welding

November 9, 2015

Cloos has introduced Qirox laser cells for automated laser cutting and welding. Each compact, tailor-made system comprises a laser welding head, safety equipment, operating terminal, positioner, robot, flat screen with HD camera, and a preassembled media room. The cells are equipped with a...

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SPI Lasers to hold pulsed fiber laser webinar Nov. 19

November 6, 2015

SPI Lasers has announced it will offer a free webinar titled “Welding with ns Pulsed Lasers” on Nov. 19 at 11:00 a.m. EST. Led by Dr. Jack Gabzdyl, vice president of the pulsed business line at SPI Lasers, the webinar will cover the following topics: A review of ns MOPA fiber laser...

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Know laser weld penetration—now

November 4, 2015


Inline coherent imaging, or ICI, can monitor laser weld depth by measuring the distance to the bottom of the keyhole, providing realtime weld penetration feedback.

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1 kW fiber laser cuts, welds highly reflective materials

November 2, 2015

nLIGHT has introduced a 1-kW rack-mounted fiber laser. It incorporates fail-safe back reflection isolation technology for full-power cutting and welding of highly reflective materials. The alta™ fiber laser is built with vertically integrated components and offers fast repetition rate, short...

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How to capture weld fume at the source efficiently

Date: October 29, 2015

Sponsored by RoboVent

Length: 58:14

Everything You Need to Know about Weld Fumes Webcast Series: Part 4

Weld fumes pose health and safety dangers to workers and create budgetary pressures for plant operators. If your plant has a weld fume problem, you probably know it based on the telltale blue haze around the lights.

Protection gas-free laser welding joins thin-walled metal sheets

October 21, 2015

T.H.E. Machines has developed the SLT series of machines for protection gas-free laser welding of thin-walled metal sheets for stamping. The standard series covers working widths from 3.15 to 29.53 in. (higher on request). The welding is conducted in fully automated process steps. Depending on...

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Industrial diode lasers offer more than 20,000 hours’ lifetime

September 28, 2015

Coherent Inc. has introduced new, higher-power, higher-brightness diode laser components for industrial applications. At 780 to 830 nm, the company’s proprietary AAA™ technology has been extended to include 60- and 80-W low-fill-factor bars, as well as a new 70-W, 800-µm core fiber array...

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Welding nozzle protects weld zone and laser beam delivery optics

September 1, 2015

The new Laserdyne SmartShield™ welding nozzle protects against excessive oxidation in the weld area on such materials as aluminum alloys, copper alloys, titanium alloys, nickel-based superalloys, and stainless steels. The nozzle is suitable for use on the 3- to 7-axis 795, 430BD, and 430 Vera...

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PWTV: Shielding Gas Function

Presented by Practical Welding Today®

Length: 4:33

Samantha Noland of nexAir provides a brief overview of the physics of welding gases.

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Laser Mech: FiberWELD with Real-Time Direct Penetration Monitoring

Presented by Laser Mechanisms Inc.

Length: 3:16

Laser Mechanisms’ FiberWELD® processing head, through the use of patented inline coherent imaging (ICI) technology, now features real-time direct penetration monitoring for precise depth measurement of industrial laser processes.

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Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sponsored by RoboVent

Length: 48:00

Everything You Need to Know about Weld Fumes Webcast Series: Part 3

Weld fumes pose health and safety dangers to workers and create budgetary pressures for plant operators. If your plant has a weld fume problem, you probably know it based on the telltale blue haze around the lights.