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Urethane press brake die retainers are modular

January 16, 2013

Urethane Tooling & Eng. Corp. has launched a new line of modular Tool-A-Thane urethane press brake die retainers used for most metal forming applications up to 0.125-in. material or larger. The press brake die retainers permit accurate bending without marring or scratching ferrous or...

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Bending Basics: How the inside bend radius forms -

Bending Basics: How the inside bend radius forms

January 10, 2013 | By Steve Benson

Press brake guru Steve Benson describes how the method of bending—coining, bottom bending, or air forming—is very influential on how an inside bend radius is achieved.

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Wilson Tool appoints new executives -

Wilson Tool appoints new executives

December 18, 2012

Wilson Tool International, White Bear Lake, Minn., a provider of tooling systems for punch presses and press brakes and punch and die components for the stamping industry, has announced the appointments of Chris Lawless as president and Paul Johnson as president of new business development,...

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LVD Strippit launches social media presence

December 17, 2012

LVD Strippit, Akron, N.Y., a manufacturer of sheet metalworking equipment, has launched a social media presence to engage customers and prospects online. The LVD Strippit blog is at The Facebook profile can be found at The company's Twitter...

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Optical measuring system integrates into tube bending tool -

Optical measuring system integrates into tube bending tool

December 3, 2012

Schwarze-Robitec has developed the Springmatic optical measuring system. Integrated into a bending tool, it measures bent tubes directly while tensioned on the bending machine and either starts the required bending process or saves the correction value for subsequent bends. Tube processors can...

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Electrically driven press brake 2.5 times faster than hydraulic brake

November 30, 2012

Bystronic has introduced the Xcite 80E, a new, electrically driven press brake. The machine is 2.5 times faster than a hydraulic press brake in completing a comparable bend, according to the manufacturer. Using the Fast Bend+ safety system, the tool can be positioned very close to the metal sheet...

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Press brake bending angle monitored in real time by laser

November 30, 2012

LVD Strippit offers the Easy-Form® 135/30 servo-controlled press brake, part of the PPEB series of press brakes with working lengths from 5 to 50 ft. and tonnages up to 3,000. The machine features the company's Easy-Form Laser adaptive bending technology. The angle measurement device uses a laser...

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ANSI standard for press brakes updated

November 12, 2012

The newly revised standard, ANSI B11.3-2012 American National Standard for Machines – Safety Requirements for Power Press Brakes, is available from Omron Automation and Safety. The requirements of this standard apply to press brakes designed and constructed for bending metal. When used for...

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CenterLine Precision Tube Bending achieves top rating in raw material audit

November 9, 2012

CenterLine Precision Tube Bending Inc., Dublin, Calif., a manufacturer of custom tubular parts, has received a top score in all nine key areas of a defense contractor audit with respect to raw material certification, identification, traceability, documentation, and control. According to Vice...

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The basics of applying bend functions -

The basics of applying bend functions

November 9, 2012 | By Steve Benson

Why calculate values such as bend allowance, outside setback, and bend deductions? Because sometimes you will need to work your way around a bend on a print, and you may not have all the information you need to complete a flat pattern.

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Davi delivers large-capacity plate roll to wind tower manufacturer

October 23, 2012

Davi has installed a four-roll plate roller with a capacity of 4,000 by 145 mm at Bladt, Denmark's largest wind energy fabricating company. The machine cold-rolls monopiles for offshore wind towers. The machine is automated via iRoll, available at the Apple Store and running on iPad®. It is...

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Cold bending machine processes large quantities with short setup times -

Cold bending machine processes large quantities with short setup times

October 22, 2012

Schwarze-Robitec offers the CNC 220 HD MW tube and profile cold bending machine. It is designed for bending large quantities of many different tube types, such as for shipbuilding, chemical industry, or power plant construction applications. Using multiple bending tools, the machine processes...

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LVD Strippit names manufacturing manager, assembly supervisor

October 16, 2012

LVD Strippit, a manufacturer of metal forming equipment in Akron, N.Y., has announced additions to its manufacturing management team. Lieven Decloedt has been named to the position of manufacturing manager. In this role, he is responsible for leading all machine shop, assembly, and manufacturing...

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A plate rolling primer -

A plate rolling primer

October 12, 2012 | By Tim Heston

The FABRICATOR talks with Jeff Visser, production managers at Avon, Mass.-based BEPeterson, about the basics of plate rolling operation. Plate rolling is part art, part science. It requires skill, and not just anyone can do the job right.

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Bending for the internal customer -

Bending for the internal customer

October 12, 2012 | By Bill Bossard

Freeing a bending bottleneck can backfire if it simply creates a severe bottleneck downstream. Bending throughput may increase, but overall throughput--the metric that really matters--may not. That’s why the best bending automation considers not only the bending department but also the throughput of the entire plant.

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