Tube and Pipe Fabrication Products

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Circular saw makes straight, miter cuts on bars, tubes, structural workpieces

July 29, 2014

Pat Mooney Inc. offers the OMP KR3 fully automatic circular miter saw. It is designed for production sawing applications requiring straight and miter cuts on bars, tubes, and structural workpieces. Its upcut design provides a cutting capacity of 8.5 in. and the ability to cut angles in the...

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Composite system repairs steel pipes/pipelines

July 29, 2014

Henkel offers the Loctite® composite repair system for steel pipes and pipelines, which meets the requirements of the ISO/TS 24817 global quality standard. The heart of the new all-in-one repair system is a composite material made of resin reinforced with fibers. In steel pipelines, the...

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Pipe weld purging systems’ inflatable dams stay out of heated areas

July 14, 2014

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd. has manufactured a variety of weld purging systems for long tubes and pipes, with inflatable dams that can be kept outside of the heated areas. High-temperature-resistant gas hose material helps ensure that the purge dams stay inflated, firmly sealing the purged...

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Machining center handles tube diameters up to 3.15 in.

June 9, 2014

BLM Group USA offers the EM80, a combined automatic sawing and CNC end machining center for tube and bar processing. The machine performs cutting, chamfering, facing, boring, threading, and profiling of tube and bar. The system handles tube diameters from 0.39 to 3.15 in. with wall thicknesses...

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Circular cold saw features double clamping, self-centering vise

June 2, 2014

The CPO 350 circular cold saw from Scotchman® Industries features a double clamping and self-centering vise that provides burr-free, high-quality volume parts, according to the company. The saw has 135-degree mitering ability and a miter-locking device that stops automatically at 45 degrees left,...

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Fully automatic pole cutting, bending machine saves processing time

May 29, 2014

Baykal Machinery has designed a fully automatic pole cutting and bending machine. The cutting line has an area of 85.3 by 196.8 ft. and a cutting size of 8.2 by 45.9 ft. According to the company, the machine saves up to 50 percent of the total processing time and works with a 0 percent margin of...

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Downhole casing and pipe cutting system features ultrahigh-pressure waterjet technology

May 28, 2014

Centura Oil Inc. has developed a downhole casing and pipe cutting system that can fit inside pipes as small as 2 in. ID and cut multiple layers of grouted casing in a single pass with a 55,000-PSI abrasive waterjet. Operable in hazardous environments, the CenJet 90® casing and pipe cutting...

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Pipe bending/forming system suitable for tight pipe coils

May 21, 2014

transfluid® Maschinenbau GmbH has incorporated its right-hand/left-hand bending machines into a system designed specifically for tightly coiled pipes. The system eliminates cross-section loss and burrs. A robot places coiled material into a measuring device that enters the coil’s exact...

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Honing process produces less than 2-micron cylindricity in long, small-diameter bores

May 7, 2014

Sunnen Products Co. offers the high-precision Single Stroke Honing® process, which achieves cylindricity and straightness of less than 2 microns in bores up to 10 times longer than diameter. Developed to meet leak-free requirements for high-pressure hydraulic systems, the process is almost 200...

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Abrasive-belt coping machine has compact footprint

May 1, 2014

Used to cope square, rectangular, and irregularly shaped tubing and pipe, the LCV 3000 abrasive-belt coping machine from Linders Specialty Co. Inc. is designed to take up minimal shop space and fit into a mobile welding truck. The 300-lb. steel and aluminum machine, which has a footprint of 48...

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Pipe cutting systems process pipe up to 40 in. dia.

April 28, 2014

Exact Pipe Tools Inc. offers the patented PipeCut™ line of pipe cutting systems for cutting and beveling pipe from 0.6 to 40 in. dia. The systems process steel, ductile, nodular cast iron, stainless steel, copper, and plastic. Seven models are available for use in applications including...

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CNC tube bender designed for high-value, low-volume manufacturing

April 23, 2014

Horn Machine Tools has introduced manually operated EvBend CNC tube bending machines, offered by Unison. By combining CNC rotary draw bending with manually operated bending, the machine provides an entry point to CNC bending for low-volume, high-precision manufacturers of high-value tubular parts,...

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Machines perform single-, double-sided endworking of tubes, pipes

April 16, 2014

Arla Maschinentechnik GmbH offers CNC endworking machines in single- and double-sided models. Based on a solid frame, the machines contain one or two machining units and concentric workholding technology. All components are aligned to realize high accuracy over the length, the company states....

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Fiber laser, CO2 laser equipment designed for stainless steel tube fabrication

April 15, 2014

Rofin offers FL series fiber laser equipment for welding thin-walled stainless steel tubes, as well as CO2 slab lasers for welding medium- and thick-walled stainless steel tubes. The fiber lasers, with output power up to 6 kW, are suitable for welding different stainless steels and nickel-based...

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Tube cutting/finishing system produces 5,000 pieces/hr.

April 10, 2014

Rattunde Corp. has introduced the ACS® + CFMtwin tube cutting and finishing system. Equipped with a twin machining head that fits onto the standard head, the machine cuts two tube or bar sections simultaneously, then machines both ends of both workpieces at the same time. The machine can...

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