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Understanding press feeds

February 7, 2006 | By Bruce Grant

Major technology shifts in how stamping presses are fed have allowed press feed technology to evolve, enabling stampers to realize increased processing speeds, improved processing flexibility, easier setup, and better quality and reliability. Even with today's advancements, a press feed must meet three basic and important criteria to be successful: Setup must be flexible. It must deliver the material with sufficient precision into the tool and die. It must feed at the correct time. Advancements in feed technology include pilot release, space-saving line configurations, transfer/progressive operations, and scratch-free processing.

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Getting it Straight

May 29, 2003 | By Bruce Grant

Before coiled material can pass through a die to produce an acceptable part, it must be straightened. Coil straightening is accomplished by bending a strip of material around sets of rollers that alternately stretch and compress the upper and lower surfaces so that the material's yield point is exceeded.

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Examining press feeding options

July 12, 2001 | By Bruce Grant

Press- and servo-driven roll feeds and gripper feeds are almost as common to the stamping industry as sheet metal and dies. Knowing how to use them effectively may not be so common.

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