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Using fiber lasers for stainless steel tube and pipe -

Tube and Pipe Production | Articles | The Tube & Pipe Journal

Using fiber lasers for stainless steel tube and pipe

July 19, 2013 | By Kevin Arnold, P.E., Brian Kopack, Chris Pilcher, Brad Trees

Tube and pipe producers have relied on GTAW and plasma for many decades, and CO2 lasers for more than a decade, but recently another choice has emerged: Fiber lasers. Relying on a solid fiber rather than a gas to generate the laser beam isn’t ideal for every material and wall thickness, but it will change the industry in a profound way.

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LDH tests

Arc Welding | Articles | The FABRICATOR

Advanced variable-polarity plasma arc welding

November 29, 2000 | By Chris Pilcher, John Micheli

This article examines variable-plasma arc welding and its uses in the welding of tailor-welded blanks.

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