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Fiber lasers weave out of the lab and into metal fab

May 8, 2007 | By Dr. Per Stenius

Fiber lasers, which have been a hot topic in laser conferences for several years now, are finally starting to appear en masse in the industrial laser market. Fiber laser technology is driving power scaling (pulsed and continuous wave), wall-plug efficiency, and beam quality to new heights in a rapid pace.

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High speed laser cutting

Laser Cutting | Articles | The FABRICATOR

A new dimension in lasers

January 17, 2007 | By Thomas Burdel, Pieter Schwarzenbach, Dr. Per Stenius

High-speed laser cutting is a recent result of increased laser power and high acceleration motion technology, which have improved cutting speeds. Tilt beam 2D-3D systems allow laser cutting of small 3D parts, bevel cutting on 2D sheet metal and 3D parts, 3D trimming of small deep drawn parts, and processing of holes and cut-outs in hydroformed parts.

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