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Keeping pace in sheet metal manufacturing -

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Keeping pace in sheet metal manufacturing

December 3, 2012 | By Frank J. Arteaga

To remain competitive, a shop must be willing to embrace both innovation and change together. To get the most out of that commitment, a shop needs to understand just how the introduction of any new technology will affect the entire process chain, not just one part.

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focal position laser cutting

Laser Cutting | Articles | The FABRICATOR

The importance of focal positions in laser cutting

January 8, 2010 | By Frank J. Arteaga

If the proper laser beam focal position and projection shapes are maintained within the material to be processed, the balance of the requirements necessary to producing a consistent, high-quality laser-cut are kept to a minimum. That's why it's important for laser cutting equipment operators to know the rules of laser beam focusing.

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Waterjet laser cutting

Laser Cutting | Articles

Achieving precision and diversification with laser and waterjet technologies

January 9, 2007 | By Frank J. Arteaga

Both laser and waterjet cutting systems produce precision parts, and in many applications, either is appropriate. This article, which discusses the benefits and limitations of both technologies, can help you decide which is best-suited for your operation. In some cases, utilizing both can increase manufacturing flexibility and your business capabilities.

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Laser Cutting | Articles | The FABRICATOR

Unattended operation of CO<sub>2</sub>laser process systems

May 18, 2002 | By Frank J. Arteaga

This article discusses the history of lasers and material handling equipment with relation to unattended operation. It specifically examines material load/unload devices, sheet separation and detection devices, the auto-focus laser lens, raw material storage and retrieval systems, automatic part sorting systems, problem notification systems, cut control devices, and nozzle cleaning equipment.

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