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Automotive toolmaking tricknology : Applying NUMMI's concepts to tool and diemaking

June 17, 2008


In 1984 the Fremont, Calif. GM assembly plant shuttered under the strain of horrible management-labor relationships. Toyota offered to reopen the plant in a joint venture with GM implementing its Toyota Production System. Tool and diemaking shops can apply the same NUMMI concepts to revitalize their companies and reinvent themselves.

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Lean tool and die

Lean tool and die solutions

September 11, 2007


To achieve a competitive position against low-cost countries, tool- and diemakers must reduce costs by at least 25 percent and shorten lead-time by about 50 percent.

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Revitalizing the U.S. tool and die industry

May 10, 2005

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The U.S. tooling industry has received quite a bit of press in the past few years documenting its demise. Many people believe the rise of lower-cost tooling industries in foreign countries is the main culprit.Unfortunately, it's not that simple. The U.S. tooling industry's future is precarious, but...

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