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Band saw blades

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Sawing with the times

December 11, 2007 | By Gerry Overstreet

Modernization has brought us many advancements, and two big advancements that fabricators must deal with are in technology and commerce. On the technology side, advancements have led to modern alloys; on the commerce side, we have increased globalization. Many modern ferrous alloys are harder to cut than carbon steel, and while the cutting is more difficult, globalization is increasing the competitive pressures and reducing the profit margins. Other advancements have modernized band saw blades, giving fabricators a fighting chance to stay profitable.

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Saw blade closeup

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Making the most of your saw blade

November 6, 2007 | By Gerry Overstreet

Recognizing heat and vibration in sawing applications is easy. The tough part is finding out why they are happening. By becoming familiar with blade speed and feed rates, blade selection, and blade break-in, fabricators will find that the saw blade is productive for a longer period of time.

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