Dr. Ghafoor Khodayari

Senior Project Leader, Metal Forming
Industrial Research & Development Institute
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Examining the effects of push assist on the formability of aluminum tubes

July 10, 2003


It is well-known that tube has become an important material for hydroforming hollow components. The increasing complexity of product structures, particularly in the automotive industry, often requires one or more forming operations before a tube actually is hydroformed. Prebending is one of these forming processes used to prepare tubes for the so-called prebent tube hydroforming.

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Analyzing tubes, lubes, dies, and friction

October 10, 2002

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Comparing and correlating two tests, a common bench test (twist compression) and a straight-tube corner-fill test, simulate hydroforming to find the coefficient of friction.

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How material influences bending for hydroforming

January 10, 2002


The bending characteristics of a tube depend on the material it is made of. Exceeding the allowable limits of this deformation results in unusable parts. The author relates his company's examination and comparison of the bending of two different seamless, extruded tubes: aluminum alloy and steel.

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