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Testing new waters Down Under

December 12, 2002 | By Hafiz Mohd

Capitalizing on the latest laser and information sharing technology, theAustralian auto industry is working to achieve critical mass within itsdomestic market and to take advantage of the opportunities offered bye-commerce.

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Around the World: China drives toward world auto market

February 14, 2002 | By Hafiz Mohd

A look at projections for China's automotive market and recent activity by companies investing in that market are worth your time. Technology is a key factor to that investment, and the Chinese are taking full advantage of it.

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Fabricating precision parts for automobiles

November 29, 2001 | By Hafiz Mohd

The Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN) trade ministers have agree to move ahead with a closer economic partnership with Australia and New Zealand as an initiative amid the global economic slowdown. This article describes how some Malaysian companies are addressing productivity and cost issues.

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