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Know your TIG torch

July 1, 2009 | By Jennifer Simpson

Even though money is tight, saving it by purchasing less reputable GTAW torches or skimping on maintenance practices can cause more harm than good in the long run.

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Improve your GTAW in 3 steps

September 12, 2006 | By Jennifer Simpson

Once you know some basic information about the equipment on the front of your GTAW torch, you can get the right parts for your application and start improving your welding performance.

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Dam the purge gas and full speed ahead

July 11, 2006 | By Jennifer Simpson

Shielding gas is an often overlooked area of savings in tube and pipe welding. Creating a purge dam in one of several different ways can help you isolate the weld area and minimize the amount of gas and time needed to purge the weld zone properly.

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A tale of two welders

March 7, 2006 | By Jennifer Simpson

George Bright and David Anthony are two welders who had the same goal: to upgrade their GTAW systems. Learn about their experiences and gain some insight into what you need to know to upgrade from an air-cooled to a water-cooled GTAW system.

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Optimize your plasma performance

January 11, 2005 | By Jim Watson, Jennifer Simpson

Plasma arc welding (PAW) uses plasma, a gas that has been heated to a high temperature and ionized. The plasma becomes electrically conductive, transferring an electric arc to the workpiece through a small orifice.

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